GRIS ZARCI STONE; beauty on the outdoor flooring

  GRIS ZARCI STONE GRIS ZARCI is a hard stone that presents a greyish colour, with little fossil dark waves and occasionally dark grey defined veins. It is quarried in the south of the Murcia province. It’s also named as CREMA LEVANTE or GRIS LORCA (Gris Mallorca is another material with many white veins and very scarce)                    When polished this stone seems a normal stone, n othing more, but, being a hard material, it is widely used for outdoor paving or wall cladding. Its high demand is due to its matching with the old stone from Mallorca (Piedra de Binissalem), that, when exhausted, was substituted for the Gris Zarci.   For that reason this stone is the top one at the islands for outdoor projects, both for wall cladding & pavement, swimming pool surrounds, stairs…     FINISHES   For inner spaces, if it is also applied for outdoor and needing a continuity on the material, it can be sorted in honed finish or also in bushammered & brushed by increasi